Is this platform for me?
When you sign up as a Greek company, you will act as a supplier of goods or services on this electronic platform. This means that you produce products or deliver services and you think that with your machinery or your skills and staff you could also produce for a German company. This also means that you have free capacities in your company to fulfil the demand of your future German partner.

How much does it cost?
The use of this platform is completely free for your company and will always be free. The only thing we want from you is correctness and activity. It is important for the whole community that we have quality inside this platform. If you don’t take care of your company profile or do not respond to requests, we will have to exclude you.

Ok, let’s go! What do I have to do now?
First of all you need to sign up and create your company profile. The registration takes about 1 minute and if you have all your company information at hand, you can create an extended company profile in less than 5 minutes. When you have finished creating your profile, you should post your first offer, i.e. your excess capacity. Now you are all set up. Continue by searching actively for German companies that have listed their demand or where you think a cooperation interest would be mutual. Contact them via the messaging system or use their conventional contact details such as phone, fax, email.